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Yoga at Home
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Helping Moms find their zen and themselves
on their motherhood journey


Tefi Levy

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Hi there ! I am a passionate person who loves helping others

live their lives to the fullest.


I've spent several years studying and traveling the world,

really trying to find my place and discovering what I wanted to do every day of my life.

I love people, creating meaningful connections, traveling and nutritious food. 


Thanks to my curious self and a lot of work on myself too,

I have become, amongst other things, a health coach and

a yoga teacher, have developed multiple skills and acquired

meaningful tools to be able to work with you. 

How? Let's Chat ! 


I help moms who are experiencieng 

anxiety, low energy and overall 

not feeling like themselves,

take control of their physical and 

mental health.

I'll guide you through 12 weeks of discovering, uncovering and finding your best and highest self, through 1-1 calls specifically tailored to you.

Book a free discovery call and let's talk about

your goals and struggles and see if coaching

is a good fit for you. 

Through yoga and meditation I can help you strengthen your body and mind, as well as create openness and flexibility too. Wether your pregnant or postpartum or far into your journey, this practice can benefit you in your body and mind.  

I teach privates and groups, in person and virtual!

Send me a message to book your class now!

See you on the mat :)

I Support Moms through


FREE  5 easy and healthy recipes

to boost energy and keep you full!

Yay! Check your email now!

Berry Waffles

Connection is Key ! 

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