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Yoga, breathing and meditation have been proven to help one relax, and strengthen, both the body and the mind. Throughout your motherhood journey, it can help you in various ways depending on which stage of life you are in.


Prenatal Yoga: tones important muscles, in preparation for childbirth as well as creating flexibility where needed, helps minimize aches and pains, connects you deeper with your baby and relaxes your mind for better sleep.

Baby & Me Yoga: is a great and safe way to get back to moving your body. It can help you. It is also great for your emotional wellbeing and to further connect with your baby. When done in a group setting, it aids in connecting with other moms on your same stage of life. It can help strengthen your body and relax your mind and your baby will have fun and enjoy some benefits too, such as aid in digestions with some movements we'll do!

Vinyasa: suitable for you mom when your baby can stay at home ;) Vinyasa yoga moves your muscles through a variety of poses in different directions and ranges of motion — which naturally increase their flexibility, and strengthens your body too.

I teach privates and groups

virtually or locally in San Diego, CA.

Send me a message to book your next class !

See you on the mat :)

A 12 week 1-1 program that is personalized to you,  including but not limited to:

Learning what foods fuel you and which ones make you feel bloated and off.  I'll also share with you quick and easy recipes for the whole family, that are doable. 

Gaining tools to lowering anxiety and

achieving better sleep, so you can have the energy you need to take care of yourself and others.

Diving deeper into your relationships, career, goals.

Finding out what's working, what's making you feel depleted and how to make those changes and reach your goals.

Working out a movement routine that's realistic to your lifestyle and family demands.

Learning to regulate the flow of breath to balance the body and mind. 

If you feel like this is something that could help you feel great, show up for yourself and others in your truest highest self, let's book a free 30 min discovery call and find out if this program is a good fit for you!

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